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How you can improve your strength

armcurlMuscles get stronger when they are pushed to perform above their normal capacity. This is called (Overload) which can be achieved in numerous ways:
• During training you can increase the number of repetitions you complete in one set.
• Increase the number of sets you perform for each exercise.
• Add more resistance by increasing the weight on the exercise you are performing.
• Rest is key when using the gym, make sure you get plenty of sleep and rest your body in between. Try not to train the same muscles 2 days in a row; rest days are as important as workout days, this will give them time to recover.
• Good protein and carbohydrates for your muscles to burn so they can replenish their energy and grow.


How you can increase your muscle size


weighttrainingOne of the key factors for increasing muscle size is understanding muscle hypertrophy. Simply put muscle hypertrophy is all about the growth and a relative increase of muscle tissue in the body. For muscle growth progressive overload is important. Increasing weight, sets and repetitions will all have a good impact on muscle growth. Some people believe that if more than 15 reps per set is possible then the weight is possibly to light to achieve good growth. If you wish to increase muscle size and strength at the same time it is good to aim for medium to high number of reps (8-12) with a medium to heavy weight roughly 70-80% of your 1 rep maximum (most amount of weight you can complete 1 complete repetition)

Compound and Isolation Exercises

The main difference between these two types of exercises is the amount of muscle groups used to perform the movement.  


Compound exercises are movements that require more than one joint and more than one muscle group to go through a range of motions. Compound exercises are the biggest muscle builders. Some examples:
• Squats
• Deadlifts
• Clean and Jerk


Isolation exercises are movements that require only one joint or one muscle group; this is particularly good for targeting specific muscle groups. Some examples:
• Bicep Curls
• Leg Extensions
• Tricep Extensions
• Chest Flies
For every muscle group in the body there is an opposing muscle group. One muscle group is used for pulling exercises whilst the other is for pushing.
Push exercises normally target muscle groups at the front of the body for example:
• Bench Press
• Decline Bench Press
• Incline Bench Press
• Shoulder Press
• Press Ups
Pull exercises normally focus on muscle groups at the back of the body, exercises that involve you pulling the weight toward you, for example:
• Pull Ups
• Bent Over Rows
• Bicep Curls
• Lat Pull-Downs
It is recommended that you use a balanced push to pull ratio in your workout to avoid a muscular imbalance. If you are going to favour one group over another it would be best to do more pull exercises, these use muscles that are significantly underused in everyday life so need a bit more attention.
It is important not to start any new dynamic exercise programme or extreme diet plan without consulting your Doctor or GP first.

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