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Gym & Fitness


It is recommended that all adults get at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. One way to achieve this is to get signed up at a local Health Club. Health Clubs are the one place you can get advice, gain encouragement from others and take advantage of a selection of equipment on offer. Regular exercise has many benefits for your body both physically and mentally. 


Weight Control


weight control

Weight is one of the biggest reasons people want to join a Gym. Obesity can have a severe impact on your health, increasing the risk of type two diabetes, some cancers, heart and liver disease. All good reasons to get yourself into shape!
The best way to tackle weight loss is through a combination of exercise and diet. ‘Calorie’ has become a bit of a dreaded word for many, however the majority of us do not actually know what a calorie is or does. By definition calories provide energy that fuel our bodies that enable our heart, lungs and brain to work. Many factors can contribute to the amount of calories we need in our diet, our lifestyle, height, how active we are. This obviously varies from person to person but there are guidelines. The recommended daily calorie intake for a male is 2500kcal and 2000kcal for women. If you exceed the number of calories your body needs each day on a regular basis without burning them off you will start to gain weight. Making changes to your diet and reducing your calorie intake with the combination of the right kind of exercise will aid you in your battle with weight loss. 


Heart Health

heart healthDaily exercise helps to strengthen your heart and enables it to pump blood more effectively with less strain. If you suffer with high blood pressure and or cholesterol, exercise can significantly lower the risk of developing heart disease or having a stroke.


Mental Health


mental healthAttending the gym can also help your social life as it puts you in contact with people on a regular basis. With exercise you will find sleep improved giving you more energy and putting you in a better mood. Obviously as you start to reach your goals, whether it is weight loss or muscle gain, you will begin to look and feel better.


Understanding your Body


understanding the bodyIt is important to understand how your body works so you are not putting yourself under undue strain. Everyone is different, so just because one person can bench press 100KG does not mean you can, but also it does not mean you cannot get there! It is all about building it up, and starting at the beginning. If you do this the results in the long run will be far more beneficial.

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